Exploring the Fashion Designers Behind the Iconic Met Gala Looks

Those interested in fashion will find no better resource than Trendee Trivia. In this article, we dig into the fascinating world of the Met Gala, an annual event known for its eye-popping displays of fashion. We’ll delve into the creative processes behind the red carpet’s most memorable ensembles by identifying the illustrious designers whose work was featured at the Met Gala. To find out “Who Wore Who” at the Met Gala, let’s dig right in!

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The Met Gala Fashion Designers

Thom Browne

Thom Browne has forever changed the Met Gala with his innovative creations and dramatic performances. His works defy categorization, hovering somewhere between fashion and fine art. Browne’s designs usually stand out due to the attention to detail and the uniqueness of the silhouettes he employs.

Stella McCartney

Sustainable design advocate Stella McCartney takes her own style to the Met Gala. Her designs are adored by A-listers who place a premium on both aesthetics and ethics because of the seamless integration of the two in each piece. McCartney’s dedication to a more eco-friendly fashion sector is reflected in her cutting-edge designs.


Burberry’s pedigree and classic designs have brought a touch of class and sophistication to the Met Gala red carpet. The brand’s trademark trench coat and check patterns are instantly recognized as very British staples. Burberry’s designs are always a safe bet for the A-listers in attendance because they manage to seem both timeless and current at the same time.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford, whose name is practically associated with high fashion and glamour, never fails to impress at the Met Gala. Ford’s clothes are the epitome of elegance thanks to his meticulous tailoring and tasteful style. Everything he designs, from evening gowns to tuxedos, has a classic, sophisticated glamour and displays the attraction of great craftsmanship.


The Met Gala has been adorned with Valentino’s dreamy and ethereal creations. The surreal mood of the red carpet is created by the brand’s delicate lacework, flowing forms, and brilliant hues. Elegant and feminine, Valentino’s designs have won the hearts of women all over the world.


The Met Gala is known for its high-octane couture, and Versace’s extravagant creations have come to symbolize this. Numerous celebrities have been seen wearing the brand, which is known for its bold patterns and recognizable Medusa logo. In addition to making a bold statement on the red carpet, Versace’s designs highlight the wearer’s uniqueness.

Vivienne Westwood

Punk icon and fashion legend Vivienne Westwood brings her signature brand of rebellious style to the Met Gala. Westwood’s designs are known for their unique style and ability to incite a spirit of revolt. She has captivated the fashion industry with her unique blend of British tradition and cutting-edge style.


Chanel, the eternal emblem of sophistication, has sent its famous designs down the red carpet at the Met Gala. The brand’s timeless tweed suits and interlocking “CC” insignia are symbols of refined taste. Chanel’s designs are always in high demand since they are timeless and epitomize elegance.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors, known for his effortless luxury and American sportswear aesthetic, has left a lasting impression on the Met Gala. His designs blend simplicity with opulence, resulting in captivating red carpet looks. Kors’ creations celebrate the modern woman, embracing a relaxed yet refined elegance that resonates with celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike.Michael Kors’s legacy at the Met Gala will be one of understated elegance and an American sportswear vibe. The fascinating red carpet ensembles he creates manage to combine understated elegance with lavish details. Kors’ designs honor the modern woman by embodying a casually chic aesthetic that has gained widespread popularity among A-listers and style mavens.


The Met Gala was distinguished by the classic elegance of Fendi’s Italian craftsmanship and design. The label’s signature “FF” initials and sumptuous fur designs have become shorthand for high-end apparel. Fendi’s creations provide a dash of Italian glitz and sophistication to the red carpet.

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